Thu. Feb 2nd, 2023

One day, an animal rescue volunteer came out of the house to the store and saw a small gray cotton ball on her stairs, she recognized it as a cat, it didn’t seem too much. three months old. The cat sits and licks the concrete floor, it seems very hungry and wants to eat or drink.

The kitten didn’t look well, and the volunteer couldn’t leave it. It’s November outside and it’s very cold. She took him to the vet. The kitten was found to have fungal, flea, and tick diseases. The volunteer didn’t have a cage or equipment to catch the cat and didn’t know what to do.

Fortunately, another volunteer was able to negotiate with the hospital and the hospital agreed to keep the cat for observation. The cat is named Rich. The cat’s treatment began at the hospital. The kitten was scared of the vet, but it didn’t try to bite or scratch anyone. Two months later, the cat made a full recovery.

After the recovery period, the cat becomes a healthy adult cat. The volunteer didn’t know where to put the cat because it wasn’t ready for a new home yet. Four months later, the cat made a full recovery. Luckily, soon after, a kind person took Rich the cat to a new home. And from there, the lucky cat had a new life.