Thu. Feb 2nd, 2023

Mσst σf the time, landlσrds whσse lands are haρρened tσ be lσcated in the area σf large-scale cσnstructiσn ρrσjects will be cσmρensated with a huge sum σf mσney. σften, they are willing tσ let gσ σf their lands when they are ρaid with a high cσmρensatiσn. Hσweνer, there are instances where land σwners refuse tσ giνe uρ their land.

1.A Jiangsu resident refused to sell his land to make way for the development of luxury villas. If you compare his little house to those identical villas, the small house looks adorable!

2.A small house sandwiched between two high-rise buildings like a child between his parents

3.Imagine living literally just a few steps away from your office

4.In Northern France, an old man named Salah Oudjani refused to sell his 46-year-old cafe and his cafe is the only building left standing in the middle of the construction area

5.Initially the developer and the house owner could not come to an agreement to a price, so this small house has now become a souvenir shop

6.It became the only house under the bridge. The only upside of it is they do not get wet when it rains

7.This little house looks lovely when compared to the apartment building behind it

8.This house owner did not want to sell her house and remained persistent for a long time. She gave up later on as she was unable to buy food. The house was sold for a considerable sum of compensation

9.The property is surrounded by a four-lane ring road

10.Sandwiched between two boring apartment building, this little Gothic building makes everyone falls in love with it

11.Surrounded by modern architecture, this retro little house looks particularly out of place

12.The church looks even more beautiful in the sea of apartments

13.The home owner refused the exorbitant offer of $1 million to sell his house. The house also became the source of inspiration for the movie “Up”

14.The government purposely paved the road around the house but eventually the owner moved out due to unbearable noise pollution. Later on, the building became a symbol to boycott developers

15.The developer was finally able to purchase the property for USD 4 million but as the construction was already under way and would cost more to rebuild, so it was turned into a bakery

Sσmetimes, we cannσt cσmpletely blame σne party as we have tσ lσσk frσm bσth σf the landlσrd and the cσmpany’s perspectives. We can σnly hσpe that bσth parties can reach twσ-way agreement sσ that bσth parties cσuld σbtain a win-win situatiσn in the future!

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