Sun. Jan 29th, 2023


Before he earned the name Ken, this poor Pit Bull Mix was known as KO. But the person who was supposed to take care of him abandoned him at a Winchester area cell phone tower in Riverside, California. His owner ensured Ken wouldn’t follow by flinging him over a chain-link fence topped with coils of razor wire.

It was no delicate fall for Ken as the fence stood well above human height. And the whole cruel moment was captured on the tower’s surveillance video. Maintenance workers servicing the tower found Ken less than two hours later and contacted Riverside County Animal Services in Jurupa Valley. Officer Michael McGee responded, taking eight-year-old Ken to the care of a county shelter where a microchip scan revealed the identity of the man who lobbed Ken over the fence. Now, Animal Services seeks an arrest warrant for Robert Ruiz Jr., 30.

Caught on Video

Riverside County Animal Services posted the clip of Ken being dumped at the tower, and aside from being cruelly tossed over the high fence, the poor pup looks so sad and confused as Ruiz walks away.

And for his cruel action, Animal Services will seek prosecution against Ruiz for willful abandonment of an animal.

“We’re now moving forward with seeking the arrest warrant because this person needs to be held accountable for such a horrible act of willful abandonment,” Animal Services Commander Josh Sisler said. “We are confident the man in the video is the owner of the dog. It is just shocking to see this act. It’s a small miracle the dog did not suffer serious injuries from the razor wire or from such a high drop.”

Animal Services made multiple attempts to contact Ruiz via the information listed in the microchip registry, but as they shared, “It appears he is no longer a resident there and the phone number provided for the chip is not allowing incoming calls.”

After his rescue from the cell tower, Ken underwent a medical examination, and “veterinary staffers treated the dog’s right eye for mucoid discharge. Its left eye also exhibited discharge, but it was less severe than the right eye.”

On Twitter, Animal Services revealed Ken was already much happier despite his eyes!

New Home Found Fast

And though Ken was the victim of a terrible act, this good boy already has something to celebrate—a new home.

When Orange County resident Jennifer saw Ken’s sad story, “she felt compelled to drive to Jurupa Valley to give ‘Ken’ a new home.” And now, Ken and Jennifer are new best friends forever!

Watch the full clip of Ken’s cruel abandonment below: