Mon. Jan 30th, 2023

It’s that time σf the mσnth when Gidyρet maƙes yσu grin with heartwarming ρhσtσgraρhs σf rescue ρets being welcσmed with wide arms by their lσνing new σwners σn their way tσ their eνerlasting hσmes. We’νe gathered sσme σf the fluffiest and sweetest images σf ρets being adσρted in the hσρes that they’ll ƙeeρ yσu warm.

Scrσll dσwn tσ read an interνiew with the Arizσna Humane Sσciety and the American Sσciety fσr the ρreνentiσn σf Cruelty tσ Animals σn ρet adσρtiσn and hσw tσ maƙe them feel at ease.


1.Everyone meet Lily. She’s a stray that adopted my husband and I today. He’s not a cat person but she won him over with that adorable look of love

2.Colby = biggest love muffin ever. All he wants is pets. …But people are usually afraid of him. So, he’ll just stare at you in adoration until you pet him. Rescue doggo

3.Charlie before and after his adoption

4.Became a dog dad recently! Meet Ember!

5.An adopted 14-year-old girl is helping senior dogs find a forever home just like she did

6.Always wanted a cat growing up but wasn’t allowed. Today at 30 I adopted this 4 year old kitty named Draco!

7.Albert’s reaction to being broken out of the shelter….. He could not stop smiling

8.1 month of being adopted, already my best bud!

9.‘I just couldn’t resist’ actor Dennis Quaid is adopting a Lynchburg shelter cat named Dennis Quaid

10.Charlie! He was my sober gift to myself. 130 days alcohol free today

11.Sugar the kitten loved spca staff member Glenn so much and she would always cry for his attention. So, he had to take her home

12.The only thing my gf cared about when moving to a new appartment was that she could finally get a cat. Say hi to Iroh!

13.This is my first ever pet that’s all mine! Not my brothers. Not my parents. Not my kids. Now my (now ex) husband. All mine! Y’all meet Cordelia Rose. A rescue that’s stolen my heart!

14.This little cutie climbed up on me while I applied to adopt her

15.This was my endgame when I decided to adopt a pair of kittens

16.Three weeks since my daughter rescued her….

17.We adopted this sweet old man last week – meet Woody!

18.We were concerned that our corgi wouldn’t like the stray kitten we rescued his head is soaked from our corgi grooming him

19.We’ve adopted an idiot. A dramatic idiot

20.Shortly after we rescued Paul, loving cuddles ensued

21.She was somehow the last of her litter to be adopted

22.Rescue dogs always appreciate their humans

23.One day after we rescued her on the verge of dying versus one month later I love her so much

24.Ntbd but this tiny doom came home with me from the shelter today

25.My gf and I rescued this little guy today…. Meet Max everyone

26.My friend adopted this cutie

27.Lolita’s first night at home!

28.I’ve finally become a cat owner! This lovely lady is 12 years old and I adopted her friday!

29.I rescued the cat off the street. Photos before and after. One year difference