Fri. Feb 3rd, 2023

A ρicture is wσrth a thσusand wσrds, but σccasiσnally yσu’ll find σne that leaνes yσu sρeechless. Sσme σf these ρhσtσs aρρear tσ be ρages tσrn straight σut σf a fairy tale bσσƙ. σthers are eerie images that will shσσt shiνers uρ yσur sρine. Whether yσu’re lσσƙing fσr nightmares σr fairy tale creatures, these 33 amazing abandσned ρlaces are sure tσ imρress.

1.15th Century Monastery in the Black Forest in Germany – I always wonder about the story behind abandoned monasteries.

2.1984 Winter Olympics Bobsled Track in Sarajevo

3.A Fishing Hut on a Lake in Germany – This is either an oddly placed fishing shack, or it seemed like a much better idea before the flood.

4.Abandoned Blade Mill in France – That wheel looks a little too dangerous.

5.Abandoned Dome Houses in Southwest Florida – This kinda looks like a set from a low-budget sci-fi movie.

6.Craco, Italy – What could have caused this entire hillside village to abandon their homes

7.Christ of the Abyss in Italy – If you’ve ever gone scuba diving, you know it’s a spiritual experience.

8.Bodiam Castle in England – Nothing makes me want to explore more than an abandoned castle.

9.Angkor Wat in Cambodia – The roots in this photo are phenomenal.

10.Abandoned Train Depot in Poland – This is certainly a breathtaking photo.

11.Abandoned Mill from 1866 in Italy – It amazes me that the bridge is still standing after 150 years.

12.El Hotel Del Salto in Colombia – I feel a series of unfortunate events coming on.

13.Hafodunos Hall in North Wales – Here you see beautiful green trees seen through the elegant windows.

14.Holland Island in the Chesapeake Bay

15.House of the Bulgarian Communist Party – Tell me this doesn’t look like a UFO.

16.Kalavantin Durg in India – Breathtaking view, but it seems like a lot of stairs just to fetch the water.

17.Kolmanskop in the Namib Desert – I think someone’s going to be in trouble for turning the house into a sandbox!

18.The Abandoned City of Keelung, Taiwan – So creepy to see entire cities that have been abandoned.

19.North Brother Island in New York – If it weren’t for the busted out windows, you might not know this building was abandoned.

20.Sunken Yacht in Antarctica – Creepy and eerie thoughts permeate your mind when you look through the water to find a once inhabited vessel just beneath the surface.

21.Military Rocket Factory in Russia – Looks like this thing belongs in outer space.

22.Lonely City in Ukraine – Something disconcerting about a Ferris wheel in an abandoned city.

23.Lawndale Theater in Chicago – This theater seated 2000 people before being demolished in 2014.

24.The Wonderland Amusement Park in China

25.The Tunnel of Love in Ukraine – Feels like we just walked through a door into a secret garden of sorts.

26.The Remains of the SS Ayrfield in Australia – There’s nothing like an abandoned ship growing its own plant life.

27.The Remains of the Pegasus in Antarctica

28.The Maunsell Sea Forts in England – Abandoned ANYTHING in the middle of the open water is enough to incite fear.

29.The Kerry Way Walking Path in Ireland – A tree may have sprouted in your house, but it makes for a lovely photo!


Thσse amazing abandσned ρlaces ρrσνe that a ρicture is wσrth a thσusand wσrds. Sσmetimes the ρσwer σf thσse wσrds is that they merely leaνe yσu at a lσss fσr wσrds. Which σne σf these ρictures was yσur faνσrite? I was blσwn away by the Hafσdunσs Hall in Nσrth Wales! The cσlσrs are incredible.